Mower County Employees Credit Union

How To Wire Money INTO Your Account

The instructions below are used to give to the financial institution you are wiring money from to have them send money to your Mower County Employees Credit Union Account:

Credit:                       Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
ABA:                          271987635
City, State, Zip:         Warrenville, IL 60555 

Further Credit:          Mower County Employees Credit Union
Account#:                 291973302
City, State, Zip:         Austin, MN 55912
Final Credit:              Your Name
Account#:                 Your MCECU account number you want the money credited to
Address:                    Your address, city, state and zip code
How To Wire Money FROM Your Account

You can request a Wire Transfer to send money to your account at another financial institution.  Contact the other financial institution to get their specific wiring instructions that are used to receive the money into that account.  We require members to initiate outgoing wire transfers in person during regularly scheduled business hours.

Contact us to learn more regarding our wire transfer services.

Mower County Employees Credit Union

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