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Mower County Employees Credit Union

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At the Mower County Employees Credit Union we are committed to digital inclusion and providing a website that is accessible for the widest possible audience in accordance with certain standards and guidelines.  We are currently in process of updating our website and strive to adhere to the most reasonable WCAG 2.0 level.  Please contact us at the following alternative communication for any information we provide on our website:

Mower County Employees Credit Union

1202 North Main Street, Austin, MN 55912

Phone:  (507) 437-6360

Fax:  (507) 437-2964  


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Notice to the members of

Mower County Employees Credit Union

The supervisory committee recently distributed a notice to all members, requesting you to verify that the balances listed on your quarterly statement are accurate.  If you did not receive your statement, or if you find discrepancies, please contact the supervisory committee:
Supervisory Committee

P.O. Box 164

Austin, MN 55912