Mower County Employees Credit Union

Gift Cards

  • Gifting is made EASY with our gift card solutions
  • Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, holiday, graduation, new baby, wedding or any occasion - gift cards are always appreciated! A single gift can bring many joys.
  • Instant Issuance – Funds Available Immediately
  • Loadable from $10 up to $1,000
  • Variety of Designs
  • Cardholders can check balances anytime
  • Traditional Plastic Card Option
  • NEW: Virtual Gift Cards – Arrives To Your Recipient Instantly!

​To view/manage your gift card online -- contact Member Care at 1-833-729-2843

VISA CheckCards 

  • EMV Chip Security
  • SHAZAM Debit Rewards Program
  • Worldwide Access:  Contact us prior to your international travel to place a travel alert on your card.
  • ATM access - Locate an ATM near you by clicking here

Lost or Stolen Card: To report a lost or stolen card please call the credit union during normal business hours at (507) 437-6360.  If you are calling after normal business hours please call Shazam directly at 1-800-383-8000 as soon as you realize the loss.

We're monitoring your card transactions 24-hours a day to keep your card safe and secure.  If a transaction appears suspicious we may temporarily block your card and immediately contact you via text message (mobile numbers) or via a phone call to notify you of this transaction.  The hotline phone number for returning our inquiry after hours is 1-855-219-5399.  To clarify a monitoring alert during normal business hours please contact us directly at (507) 437-6360. 

Brella Mobile App          

  • Click Here to learn how Brella can give you added convenience and security
  • Fraud Protection with Brella Mobile App or visit the Brella Web Portal by clicking here
  • Send money to virtually anyone!
    • Members can send money to virtually anyone's account (including non-members) with access to P2P built in with Brella. Send money instantly for anything from splitting a dinner bill to paying rent!   
  • View balance information related to your linked accounts
  • Receive a variety of custom alerts informing you of transactions
  • Temporarily block your card or simply turn your card on and off for added security
  • Download the mobile App or use the online login
  • Text and e-mail security alerts
  • Set up travel alerts
  • FREE service offered to all cardholders 

VISA Secure (f/ka Verified by VISA) Online Card Protection                                                  
When you use your CheckCard to shop online your card will be authenticated behind the scenes to PROTECT you from fraudulent transactions.  Your card is equipped with Verified by Visa -- a FREE service offered to members to protect cardholders when making online purchases with their debit cards.  Once you activate your card, Verified by Visa automatically protects you at every participating online store. 

Online Home Banking & Mobile Friendly Banking

  • View your accounts online anytime
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Apply for loans with our secure online loan application
  • Set up account alerts
  • Send secure messages directly to the credit union​
  • Mobile friendly-website!  You can easily bookmark our web page and Home Banking link on your smartphone or similar device! 

Bill Pay
Offering YOU the ability to receive, view, manage and pay all bills, electronic or not!

  • Simple and easy-to-use program built right into your existing Online Home Banking
  • Enhanced features including:  eBills, P2P payments, expedited same-day payments, customizable payment rules and member alerts!
  • Pay Anyone feature allows you to choose single, recurring and future-dated payments
  • How do I enroll?  Log in to Home Banking and click Pay Bills.  Submit the enrollment form and you'll be paying bills in no time!​